Allow users to hide their digital identity

He also defended allowing people to hide their identity.

He said in an exclusive interview site manager of Foreign Affairs L. Bis social network that allows users to “explore the important issues.”

She said that people can be “safe” when they use the site, but they can not communicate effectively after the death of British schoolgirl Hannah Smith. tracker
We expect a platform where youth can ask questions anonymously, and explore important issues and be safe at the same time

Bis.L, director of the Foreign Affairs,

And committed suicide aged 14 years after receiving abuse over the Internet, although it is now thought that it might send the same messages.

“Maybe the message will not go through at this time, but at this stage, I think it is clear that we are actively working on these issues,” said Ms.B.

The site has about 117 million users worldwide, have made changes since.

Social networking site allows users to ask questions of people, recorded by video or text.

Users can now disable the unknown questions.

The company hired a security guard and intimidation create a class to publish content.


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